2020 Events

Tiny Marsh Garlic Mustard Pull

Friday May 29 and Saturday May 30 9 am to noon

Weeding Garlic Mustard is the perfect social distancing volunteer job, with every one able to stay well apart - and enjoy the great outdoors. Join us at Tiny Marsh, northwest of Elmvale, on Friday May 29, 9 am to noon or Saturday May 30, 9 am to noon.

Garlic Mustard is an invasive weed – where it takes over, no wildflowers grow, and natural regeneration of native trees and shrubs is limited.  In just three hours, one person can clear a surprisingly large area! If you feel like doing only two hours, that's fine too! We appreciate every contribution.

Park in front of the Nature Centre at 500 Flos-Tiny Townline west of County Rd. 6 and follow the signs to the field behind the shed at the west end of the parking lot. This is a field where volunteers have planted native pollinator plants, which are doing nicely, but still need help in the fight against Garlic Mustard. All parking lots are now open. Wear long sleeves, long pants, closed footwear and bug spray. For more information, phone 705-322-2545 (if you called before and we didn't get back to you, your message was lost, so call again, and our apologies).

Georgian Bay Hunting Retriever Club
Saturday August 1 & Sunday August 2, 2020

Club members gather at Tiny Marsh for their annual test weekend.

Walk With Bob

Dates to be announced

Well-known naturalist and walking encyclopedia Bob Bowles will lead a monthly walk at Tiny Marsh.

Bob has an intimate knowledge of every corner of the wetland and its forests and fields. He conducted a two-year biological inventory at Tiny Marsh (see the report on the Tiny Marsh page). Join him to learn how to walk mindfully, and learn skills that will enrich all your future ramblings.