MTM Conservation Association

The Marl Tiny Matchedash (MTM) Conservation Association is an incorporated, not for profit charitable organization dedicated to managing one Provincial Resource Management Area and two Provincial Wildlife Areas which are Marl Lake, Tiny Marsh, and Matchedash Bay in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Ducks Unlimited Canada.

MTM generates revenue through land and facility rentals, user fees, membership sales, donations, and grants.

The three public properties managed by this organization constitute approximately 2,500 hectares of Crown land.

The organization functions under a board of directors comprised of representatives from a broad spectrum of community interests. Members of the board are Kate Harries (president), David Eales (vice-president), Peter Ferraro (treasurer), Gabriella Arsenault, Eden Beardsall, Wayne Campbell, Robert Codd, Ken Hall, Stephen Lefaive, Anne McArthur, John Nahuis, Alex Smith, Randy Tucker, Jack Tynan and Derek Witlib.