Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area

TinyMarshLocated northwest of the small community of Elmvale, Ontario, the Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area is a "must see" for any outdoor enthusiast. A series of trails follow the dikes through the marsh, wind through the shrubs and forest communities, and subsequently lead to observation towers and a viewing mound which provide visitors with a raised vantage point from which to view the vast array of flora and fauna which call this area home. An interpretive nature centre features displays of the marsh and some of its numerous inhabitants. The abundance and variety of wildlife at Tiny Marsh are well known to generations of both naturalists and duckhunters. Two hundred and fifty species of birds have been observed at Tiny Marsh. Ospreys nest here, as do eleven species of ducks and provincially and/or nationally rarebird species such as the Least Bittern and the Black Tern. There are also several species of rare plants that have been documented on site. Occasional visitors have included the Great Grey Owl and the Prothonatory Warbler who are both unusual visitors to the region. Hunting success at the marsh is high due to the large flocks of migrating waterfowl common to the area. The marsh is also a haven for photographers who enjoy taking pictures of birds, plants, and the beautiful scenery in general. This area is an extremely popular destination for educational institutions and interpretive groups to host programs which in turn foster an understanding and appreciation for preserving natural areas for future generations to enjoy.

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500 Tiny-Flos Townline
Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0
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Hunting permits required for waterfowl and pheasant hunting





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Fishing off the Trotter and Carolina dykes can be good for northern pike, bullheads and carp. Due to Tiny's shallow nature, most fish are small, as winter kills annually take a toll. Access for fishing is best via the 2nd Concession Tiny Township East and from the main dyke parking lot. Please take all bait containers, fishing line and food wrappers home with you!

Canoes are allowed in Tiny Marsh. We ask for extreme CAUTION during the nesting season, April to June, to protect wildlife that nests on, above and near the water.

Not permitted.

Waterfowl hunting is the most popular and traditional form of hunting at Tiny Marsh. An early goose season occurs in early September, followed by the regular duck and goose season that customarily opens the last Saturday in September. Waterfowlers need a canoe or small boat for best results. Temporary blinds are permitted, but are not supplied. Chest waders and a good dog are prerequisites for success.

Common species harvested are mallards, wood ducks, blue-winged teal, black ducks and Canada geese. Waterfowl hunting is allowed under permit ONLY (see fees for details) issued at the kiosk in the main parking lot.

Other forms of hunting that occur at Tiny Marsh include deer, turkey, grouse, rabbit, coyote and woodcock to name a few.

A licensed trapper helps control problem wildlife at Tiny Marsh.

All provincial and federal laws and regulations apply to hunting, fishing and trapping at Tiny Marsh. See the current Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary and/or Fishing Ontario: Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary for applicable details.

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