Marl Lake Resource Management Area

marllakeThe Marl Lake Resource Management Area is located just northeast of the Town of Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Small yet complex, the area is classified as a Provincially Significant Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI). The wetland contains an unusual fern-like vegetative community which is home to at least one nationally rare and three provincially rare species of flora. Ducks Unlimited has identified the area as suitable habitat for breeding waterfowl and the site is a popular attraction for migratory waterfowl and other species. Bald Eagles are just one of the feature species that have been documented there. Two viewing mounds on site provide visitors with a raised vantage point from which to view waterfowl, muskrats, songbirds, and other species of flora and fauna.

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Approx Latitude: 44º 30'18.4"N
Approx Longitude: 79º 58'44.9"W

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Marl Lake offers fair angling for panfish, northern pike and abundant, but small, largemouth bass.

Although it's a long portage from Ryther Road to the Marl Lake water control structure and Marl Creek (1 km), a canoe can get you access to the lake itself and angling for largemouth bass, panfish, and northern pike. Although two viewing mounds can help you observe wildlife, a canoe enables you to get to the best locations.

Not Permitted.

Not Permitted.

A licensed trapper helps control problem wildlife.

All provincial and federal laws and regulations apply to fishing at Marl Lake. See the current Fishing Ontario: Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary for applicable details.

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